Manufacturing for Supply

Boiler Components

Boiler Components such as Riser/Down Comers Tubes, Bank Tubes, Evaporator Tubes and Water wall Tubes. & Other Pressure Parts.

Bed Coils

Bed Coils Bed Super heater Coils, Super heater Coils, and Economizer oils, Steam Radiator Coils and Other Heating Coils.

Pressure Reducing / Control Station

Pressure Reducing Station, M.S. Fabricated Moisture Separator and Strainer. Steam Distribution Header & Other Pressure Parts.

Oil Pre-heater

Oil Pre-heater Elements, Air Preheater, Heat Exchanger, etc.

Shoot Blower

Shoot Blower Pipes, Blow down Pipes and other critical Pipes for LPG, Gas, and Steam.

Self-supported Chimney and Other Components

Self-supported Chimney and Other Components of Other Components such as Self-Supported Chimney, Pressure vessels, Feed Water Tank (Round & Squire), Ducting, hopper, Ducting (hot/cold), Bunker, Canopy etc.

General fabrication

General fabrication & Structural Fabricated Items as per customer drawings.

LPG And Other

LPG And Other Gas Manifolds

Expansion loops for Pipe lines

Expansion loops for Pipe lines.

Trading for Supply


IBR/Non IBR, Pipes (ERW/Seamless)

Stainless Steel pipes

Stainless Steel pipes (ERW/Seamless).

IBR/Non IBR Boiler

IBR/Non IBR Boiler Tubes (ERW/Seamless)

All Pipe Fitting

All Pipe Fitting (CS/MS/SS), valves (CS/MS/SS), Steam Trap, Strainer & Moisture Separator. Required picture, for flanges, pipes, bends