About Us

It’s are pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the headmost IBR servicing and manufacturing unit in central India undertaking different type of project jobs such as IBR/Non IBR & other critical pipelines, Industrial Radiography (X-Ray), LPI Testing & Stress Relieving of pipelines, erection/alignment & Maintenance of Boiler/Boiler pressure parts/components & general fabrication.

We have been acceded by Indian Boiler Regulation Authority (IBR) for executing IBR projects and manufacturing job at “Madhya Pradesh” and “Chhattisgarh”. We are very keen to be blend with upcoming project/ maintenance and manufacturing work, ergo we are presenting our credentials.

We assure you that the first fair shake offered to us will be the foundation stone for a long lasting business relationship and assuring you with our best workmanship with most optimum economic scrutiny.



  • M/s Prefect Industrial Aids, Bhopal was formed as a partnership company started actively functioning as a service unit in MP/CG since 1984.
  • Company was IBR acceded for fabrication / erection / repairing / maintenance of Boiler, Boiler pressure parts, Boiler components etc. since 1984.
  • In the year 1988 radiography service licence has been issued by BARC, for actively functioning industrial radiography services at different fields.
  • Since 1987 company started its workshop and has taken up the manufacturing of general items, Boiler components, Boiler pressure parts with facility of Stress relieving and NDT servicing.
  • The company was amicably closed in the year 2003 and M/s Prefect Industries, Bhopal was formed in the same year and it is functioning actively all the activities in the same office and factory.
  • Perfect Industries was acceded by IBR Authority for performing all kinds of IBR jobs at MP/CG states in the year 2003.
  • Workshop is in manufacturing of Boiler components, pressure parts and general fabrication and servicing job for erecting, repairing & maintenance of Boiler components & Pressure Parts etc.